Advanced Technology

Innovation and advanced technology provide the basis for Shindaiwa's acknowledged leadership in the field of power generating.

Thanks to a commitment to excellence and our ongoing research into sound abatement, our customers benefit from rugged, superior quality products that deliver high performance and long-life durability, year after year.

The development of a mobile power generator that delivers dual voltage single-phase and three-phase current simultaneously is an excellent example of Shindaiwa's technological advancement. We call it Simul-Phase technology.

With this unique, patented system, users can have 120V and 240V power for lighter-weight duty, and deliver 240/480V power for heavier machinery - AT THE SAME TIME!

For users accustomed to operating two generators on a job site, Simul-Phase technology will make it possible to operate with only one.

Simul-Phase is slated to be available soon for the complete line of kWiet Power mobile generators from 12kW to 144kW.

Units equipped with simul-phase will still operate at remarkably low noise levels.